Some new stuff and tips for demo.

Greetings! I just wanted to say thanks to all who tried demo of mechanism.  There are already some small let's plays on Youtube! 
I will try to make small devlogs from time to time. 

For those who already played a demo and had trouble with openning a chest: there is only two blue batteries on this starting location - the "electrocuted" graffity was ment to give a player a hint to press F button - if you do make an electro charge near "completed" objects - all objects will fall out from it. Thus you can use same battery for the chest and for the door.

About demo itself - yep there are few bugs here and there, I will fix them soon. But what is more important - it's not even a complete demo, the final demo will be available in a month. It will twice longer than this one. 

What am I working on right now: 
- Complex AI system with one really cool mechanic (the black blob in the basement wasn't complex - it was your first Flegma creature encounter, so it was suposed to be that stupid :3 ) 

- Making tons of new models for the chapter 1 and upcoming chapter 2 ( chapter 1 & part of the chapter 2 will be available in the full demo) 

That's it for now - keep calm and stay tuned! 


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Sep 24, 2017

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Mechanism featured in my mini review series (timestamped)

Thank you very much!

I absolutely love this game! I can't wait  for chapter 2 to learn more about this strange world! 

Hello everyone ! 

I've played and recorded this awesome looking game :D
Graphics & gameplay  are really cool! 

Big thumbs up for the dev! Keep up the good work!
I recommend it to everyone :D

If you would like to see my gameplay then please have a look here : 

Wish you all a awesome day!

- Zwaffeldin ( a.k.a. Perry )

Wow, thank you very much! Really appreciate this :3
Stay tunned!

You're welcome ! I think it's awesome so Thank You for creating the game  ! :D

Sorry the video disappeared because my YouTube got suspended ( mixed up tags in 3 videos ) 
But i've re-uploaded the video to Twitch! :

ps. i saw that you updated the game so i will be playing your new update on my new YouTube channel :)