Mechanism - Devlog #5 Small notes about big changes

Didn't make any notes about the game for month already... It's because I had some freelance to do and all these stuff of a beatifull gamedev life^^
For the last week I made a very important change in the core gameplay. Those who played the demo of Mechanism noted that main hero loses objects from hands when goes to the next location. At first I thought that the game will be linear, location after location and there will be no need in transfering quests objects. But now, this is no longer linear. It is almost like metroidvania now. Like a "Souls" game with no hand-combat but with sneaking, puzzles, and horror (I know there were no horror in the demo, cause I didn't put it in it). So all locations of the game are interconnected with each other, and you can transfer all objects between them. It plays twice more interesting now! I am super glad that I made this choice. 
Hmmm. What about you guys? Yep, soon I will make a new updated demo,where you can try it youself and help me with the bugs. 
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Okay, then. Here are some new screenshots and a gif:

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